About Fitness and Health Tracker.

What is Fitness and Health Tracker?

Fitness and Health Tracker is an online application suite of tools and reports developed and administered by Contrails Software & Consulting ® that give you and any other registered user you designate (your doctor, trainer, friends, you name it) a "one stop shop" to monitor, track and set goals to improve your fitness and health. You'll find some of the services and products we offer by browsing our site. Some of the services we offer are fee based, but basic service is free. So why not get started and join today?

Physicians and Trainers

Full service is offered at no cost to Physicians and Trainers so you can track your client’s activity. This gives you access to the full range of data where you can establish a baseline, create a plan and monitor youR client’s progress, all at your fingertips 24/7/365.

You'll need to create your own account to get started. After your status has been verified, simply have your clients register with us and designate you as their Physician or Trainer.